Russia you have been a naughty boy!

Just a quick thought on Ukraine and Russia…

Well lets just pretend that Europe leaders got together around a table and talked about Russia and its holiday in Ukraine..

Germany; ‘Ve must do something’

France: ‘Yes we are to not let this….go un poonished’

Great Britian: ‘We have a history in that area of Ukraine and Russia’

Italy: ‘You have a bloody History everywhere’

Germany: Here Here

Poland: ‘Our history tells us that these things can escalate quickly’

France: And ours

GB: ‘We helped you out remember?’

France: ‘you wont let us forget’

GB; ‘Well we could just all take your example and wave the white flag’

Spain: ‘Can a wee conzentrate on Ukraine a now. Then we can all ago hating

the English in the same way as normall.

Italy: ‘We can a fight them’

GB: ‘Not a good idea old boy, you can’t even fight a bull anymore. Besides they do have quite a large army still.

Germany: ‘We can use sanctions against them’.

General murmuring of agreement.

Three Months later..

Germany: ‘Vell these sanctions are not Verking’

GB: ‘They were your idea’

France: Wella you comea up with a better idea then.

GB: ‘We could stop exports to Russia. Like we In the UK already have done months ago’

Germany: ‘I don’t think that vould vork very vell’

France: ‘No not a good idea’

Greece: ‘Please nota that’

Italy: ‘No not a good idea’

Spain: ‘ We not a gona do that’

GB: ‘Of course, I see it now. So how much Is Russia worth to you all’

Sound of heads together and pencils scribbling working it out

Germany: It works out to..never mind its not a good idea.

GB: How Much?

France: ‘Wella its difficult to break it down’

Italy: ‘Its all a in a small pieces like a pizza’

Greece: ‘We not understand numbers that big anymore!’

GB: ‘How Much?’

Germany: ‘Euro 208 billion a year’

GB: ‘You could buy a lot of tea for that’

Switzerland: ‘ So Russia, Ukraine what are we going to do about it?’

GB: ‘We can see only one solution’

France: ‘Well what is it then snotty nose’

GB: ‘Oi look here you cheese eating surrender monkey’

Germany: ‘I think I know vat it is’

Italy: ‘ We shall leave it to you then’

Meeting closes.


The UK today has released this following statement.

After talking to my fellow esteemed leaders of the European Union. We have decided that the Russian President IS to be ‘Tutted at and we are to shake our head slowly while raising our eyebrows in exasperation’


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