Russia you have been a naughty boy!

Just a quick thought on Ukraine and Russia…

Well lets just pretend that Europe leaders got together around a table and talked about Russia and its holiday in Ukraine..

Germany; ‘Ve must do something’

France: ‘Yes we are to not let this….go un poonished’

Great Britian: ‘We have a history in that area of Ukraine and Russia’

Italy: ‘You have a bloody History everywhere’

Germany: Here Here

Poland: ‘Our history tells us that these things can escalate quickly’

France: And ours

GB: ‘We helped you out remember?’

France: ‘you wont let us forget’

GB; ‘Well we could just all take your example and wave the white flag’

Spain: ‘Can a wee conzentrate on Ukraine a now. Then we can all ago hating

the English in the same way as normall.

Italy: ‘We can a fight them’

GB: ‘Not a good idea old boy, you can’t even fight a bull anymore. Besides they do have quite a large army still.

Germany: ‘We can use sanctions against them’.

General murmuring of agreement.

Three Months later..

Germany: ‘Vell these sanctions are not Verking’

GB: ‘They were your idea’

France: Wella you comea up with a better idea then.

GB: ‘We could stop exports to Russia. Like we In the UK already have done months ago’

Germany: ‘I don’t think that vould vork very vell’

France: ‘No not a good idea’

Greece: ‘Please nota that’

Italy: ‘No not a good idea’

Spain: ‘ We not a gona do that’

GB: ‘Of course, I see it now. So how much Is Russia worth to you all’

Sound of heads together and pencils scribbling working it out

Germany: It works out to..never mind its not a good idea.

GB: How Much?

France: ‘Wella its difficult to break it down’

Italy: ‘Its all a in a small pieces like a pizza’

Greece: ‘We not understand numbers that big anymore!’

GB: ‘How Much?’

Germany: ‘Euro 208 billion a year’

GB: ‘You could buy a lot of tea for that’

Switzerland: ‘ So Russia, Ukraine what are we going to do about it?’

GB: ‘We can see only one solution’

France: ‘Well what is it then snotty nose’

GB: ‘Oi look here you cheese eating surrender monkey’

Germany: ‘I think I know vat it is’

Italy: ‘ We shall leave it to you then’

Meeting closes.


The UK today has released this following statement.

After talking to my fellow esteemed leaders of the European Union. We have decided that the Russian President IS to be ‘Tutted at and we are to shake our head slowly while raising our eyebrows in exasperation’


Your View is not allowed!

We in the west apparently live in a free world with free speech. But only if that speech ties in with the masses. You are allowed to have a faith, but you are not allowed to tell your work colleagues about it. You may invite them to a night out at a pub and get so drunk that you loose all decisions making capabilities. You are allowed to ask a friend to join the gym, you can invite them to a sporting match. But you are not allowed to invite them to a barbecue that your church is putting on for no other reason than to have an open barbecue. We are led to believe that by eating a disappointing burger you may just have signed your life away to an extremist cult that sing in a weird way.

You may have an opinion on many things, be them a religion, or gender roles, or sexual preferences. But unless they follow the states view you are likely to face discipline through the courts of law. No religion says you must embrace everybody and ensure they must never be upset. We hear the phrase ‘Tolerance’ and use it incorrectly. It comes from engineering, and does not mean an open invitation to accept everything. The basic meaning is ‘this object will move this far’ or ‘ this object can take this much load’ after that it will break. 

We are told not to offend anybody so we will end up at a state of not doing anything. I cant quite remember the line in I Robot. but the gist of it is. ‘The biggest threat to the Human race is the human race.’  It wasn’t long ago that we went to war with a country to give them freedoms we enjoy, but at the same time we are slowly removing those freedoms from our own country. Even more recently it has been reported that in some still Communist countries that to express a view against that country is severely punished. The web is managed by the state and all negative comments are removed and content they do not want their citizens to see is removed or barred. 

How long until more draconian laws see us having to meet in hidden meeting places to share a pack of Skittles because it is deemed to dangerous to eat anything other than tofu. Weather you believe in Creation or evolution we have eaten meat for thousands of years, but now we must not because it offends a vegan who sits there sickly pale due to the lack of vitamins and minerals we need found in meat. And they have banned all farming of animals, of course they also wonder why there are millions of cattle and sheep roaming the roads dying of disease and malnutrition because they forgot that farmers spend Hundreds of pounds on each animal every year to keep it healthy, and they also thought that farmers would happily keep looking after the livestock for no return. 


So realistically to ensure everybody is happy all the time we need to actually make ‘The Matrix’ and we should all live in sealed pods that feed us intravenously, we need to be plugged into a reality that plays out our life as in a program that is tailored for our own sensibilities. 


So here goes, I am a Christian, I cant stand football, all smokers should only be allowed to smoke in special rooms that compress all the gunk and gives it back to them in medallions. The act of homosexuality repulses me, as does parents swearing at their children. I cant stand those who throw rubbish on the floor, or those who don’t say thank you when you let them pass or hold a door open. So yes I am going to offend many with this post, and of offending you I am sorry but my views I am not.


So I am allowed to be offended but not to offend.