The shin bone is connected to the knee bone ( sort of)

When did age creep up on us?


Through my youth I did not treat my body with the care and attention it deserved. I  craved the adrenalin rush that came with danger. However the multiple visits to the A&E department are now rearing their head in the most uncomfortable way. My last visit now some six years ago, admittedly was the longest stays. I have over the course of my life broken around 28-30 bones, split my skull (more than once)My nose has been bust more times than I care too mention ,and had a dog try to take part of my face off.


But now as the temperature is hovering around the freezing part of the thermometer. And bad weather is on its way I ache, I ache lots. My hands are stiff, my back feels sluggish, and my knees throb. My hearing is okay if you talk directly at me and there is only a little background noise. I remember most of these accidents almost fondly. Kayaking in the sea and breaking my right arm in three places, I remember the bonfire more than the visit to hospital three days later. (long story that one). One of the time I split my skull ( I can actually blame my older brother here). I remember the Spiderman top I was wearing ( I was only 5) and how it would give me lightning quick reflexes, apart from the fact that it didn’t and the huge rock that was thrown by my brother did make contact and I didn’t skip under it with stealth and grace. Three times I came home from school with my nose a different shape to what it was in the morning. The last time I was laid in a hospital bed was only six years ago. My right hand was already in plaster with my outer two fingers immobilised, from an accidental trip in the bedroom a week before hand. But now I was laying there quite happy as they had pumped morphine into me quite a lot. With my left knee looking not much like my right knee in anyway, apart from it was roughly in the middle of my leg. A friendly game of rugby, between us from Wales and a few guys from America, trying to prove that rugby is rougher than American football. (point proved). Three days in hospital I spent. And 6 hours in surgery ( of which they let me watch). The top part of my tibia that once resembled a large potato then resembled a pack of crisps that had been stamped on. It was also splitting in two length ways. The fibula had also decided to join in the fun and thought it would be better if it was to shear and be half its original height. I am now healed but the weather reminds me of my folly.


Do I regret what I done while breaking these bones, No not really ( the last one a little as we were meant to go on holiday the week after). But as I now am getting older, and more importantly my kids are getting older I do try to advise them to be careful in what they do. Because as you age darn it you going to ache, so do your self a favour and try not to inflict any damage on-yourself if you can.


God Bless




Grow up and get dressed

So you have pushed the boundary, may I ask what you found there?

Now I am no singer, I will belt out the odd carol, and drive my family to despair singing along to ‘Queen’ and ‘Jon Bon Jovi’. These are people who I class to be singers, there are many stretching back decades. My current favourite female singers are, Katie Melua, Adele, Hayley Westenra, Dido. From years gone past, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey.  All are beautiful women, and have amazing voices. They all have or have had massive singing careers and have managed to do so while keeping their clothes on.

Recently Miley Cirus decided to leave her clean-cut Disney image behind her and tried to shock the world with a new look. So here are my two daughters aged 6 and 8 they hear about a person they remember from a kids programme, promoting clean living, honesty, and contentment with ones lot. Next thing they know is when you hit 18-20 you can stuff all that dress like a cheap prostitute, and pretend to have sex on stage while singing . Well done Miley for giving all little girls something to aim for. But don’t worry you’re not alone, the pop world is littered with cheap women who believe showing their flesh is more important than what they sing. Rhiana, Britney, Beyonce the list can go on and on. So this is just going to be a short post as an open letter. When did you decide that playing to the perversions of others became more important than the true art form of singing?