Eggs, Bananas and Pentecostals.

‘I’m going to have a hot banana, with a Pentecostal see you in half an hour’.


In our house this makes perfect sense, and it is nothing you are thinking of.

Have you ever sat down with a family and they all laugh at innocent words. Those small phrases that mean something to them and nobody else.


I am sure we all have them. When I was growing up we regularly had a stretch or starve. This was normally Sunday evening meal. It consisted of what would I suppose be called a buffet in proper circles. The phrase was once said by my father, at it stuck. We still use it in our own house with our kids now. Family friends call it ‘bits on a plate’. It is the same meal the same concept but the naming of the meal is different.


Some of our sayings we can trace back to their origin others we struggle to remember but stick with the phrase for no apparent reason.


My wife and I will at random times just say ‘Sausage’ which will raise a smile on both of our lips. The innocent beginnings of this hark back to one of our many very late journeys coming back from holiday. We had the use of a holiday flat in north Wales. And with at that time two young children (both under 6) with us we decided to not leave until after 9pm for the 4-6 hour drive home. This meant that the children would sleep almost instantly and constantly, which allowed my wife and I to spend many hours talking to each other, without having to worry about any house work etc. On one occasion we left later than normal, there were many hold ups with late night road works, so we were travelling in the early hours of the morning well we were very tired and to keep ourselves alert, awake, we would sing stupid songs or tell awful jokes, after a few miles of silence my wife just said ‘sausage’ at the time it was hilarious to us both, I had trouble keeping the car in my lane ( a very quite mountain road at the time). Tears rolling down my cheeks and was short of breath for laughing. The word was not funny in any way, it was just we were so tired, and had spent an hour or so laughing at ever, poorer jokes. We now use it as a measure of tiredness if we laugh then we know we need to sleep.


With four children who are not afraid to talk we have a store of cute sayings, from each of them. Our son who is now no-longer the small shy boy with angelic hair and a sweet smile he gave us one that we repeat many times when having a cooked breakfast. In that slightly high-pitched  innocent voice with blazing eyes and a smile sat down to breakfast with these words. ‘I like an egg I do’ to anyone else it is just a sentence, to us it brings a smile to our face.


Our youngest not long ago mentioned that her thumb hurt. So as per normal we just rubbed her thumbs and gave them a gentle kiss. Much to her disappointment at our laughing when she said ‘No my thumbs on my feet’ meaning her big toe’s.


Stretching words out such as ‘quickerlelier’ of a school morning when trying to giddy them up makes our youngest laugh at the stupidity of the word (especially when said in the same pigeon Spanish accent used by Jim Broadbent in black adder), has no real origin and just give it a second reason to use it, I know it really annoys my eldest daughter, because it is not a real word.


As for the starting sentence it is all innocent. When we were first married my wife had a terrible headache and could not remember the word ‘Paracetemol’ she said Pentecostal instead and it has sort of stuck, sometimes to our embarrassment when we use it to ask others if they have any pain killers.


And it was not that long ago I announced that I was going to have a hot bath but for no reason what so ever  the word Banana came out instead of bath.


So as is often said in our family at the end of a shopping trip.


Are we done?

We have been.




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