Not being picky or anything …But!


Is it a bird..? Is it a plane?…no it’s……….


I do enjoy a good film sadly I can only watch it once and enjoy it for what it is meant for.

The following times, I will than continually scan every scene for mistakes and pointlessness. Sometimes I can spot the mistakes straight away ‘Twilight’ for example I could see the mistake while it was still on the shelf unopened. Others take a little more time. Some are continuity

mistakes in one shot they might be wearing a blue jumper and two seconds later wearing a black one. But those are boring. The opening quote is from the original Superman, the obvious mistake here is why were the first two people so excited to see a bird and a plane?


I do get geeky sometimes when it comes to technical details in some films. The latest Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, for example. When Mendel uses the garage phone to help Peter, while he is in the circus. The fluorescent tubes in the background were of a kind not made until the end of the 90’s. While I am in no doubt this does not distract from the originality of the story, or the pain staking time taken to ensure that everything is from the early 1970’s. It just brings a smile to my face to be able to spot a mistake like that.


I also enjoy finding those little mistakes in books. (I know I must be fun to live with). While films, TV series, books are generally pure fiction and mistakes have no adverse effects, apart from on my sanity. J. K. Rowling mentioned she ended up keeping extensive archives on all her characters to ensure that over the seven books she didn’t make mistakes. Even though in the very beginning of the first one she did make a little mistake that rendered the whole of the third book a mistake. I will let you go and find it, if not ask me nicely and I might let you in on it.


The same is to be said for supermarket shelving labels. The internet is awash with pictures of Bananas labelled up as broccoli, and such things. But to me it is the innocent mistakes that make me tick. In my local boots all the baby creams and Calpol etc are right next to the birth control, I don’t know if this was on purpose or not but the humour of it tickles me.

Now my biggest problem is spotting mistakes in grammar and spelling, before you get to read this the above text is full of red and green underlining squiggly lines reminding me of my inability to remember anything my English teachers tried to teach me. The little paper clip on the screen has thrown in the towel and left. When at school I was able to hide my bad spelling with my even worse writing but in today’s age everything is typed and on view for all to see. Never mind I am sure that people have better things to do than spend ages looking for mistakes in my work.


Now it Friday night my eldest daughter has offered to put the little ones to bed, so its film night for me and my wife. Lets see how many mistakes we can spot in tonight’s film.. Star trek into darkness. Apart from Scottie’s hair line that seems to be even more receded in his youth than he was in his later years.. oh and apparently we have stopped using suspended animation since 1959 and using warp drive ever since.. (do the maths it all works out it is set in year 2259 and Doc says they haven’t deep freezed people for 300 years.)


Anyway night all enjoy your




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